Best Ways to Entertain Yourself During Self-Quarantine

Best Ways to Entertain Yourself During Self-Quarantine

If you are reading this, you’re probably undergoing self-quarantine as well. Welcome! It may not be ideal, but I am on day 5 and have relied heavily on making the most of it. I am usually pretty good at doing nothing and staying inside, one of my many talents, but it’s different when you don’t have much of a choice. Staying inside and taking proper safety precautions are important during this time, but it doesn’t mean we can’t entertain ourselves while staying in. I’m going to dive head-first into this isolation situation for you all. We will explore this quarantine from all different directions. Whether you live alone,with your parents, with friends or roommates, we’ve got you covered.



Living alone does not mean complete isolation. Luckily COVID-19 can’t kill the internet (that we know of so far), so utilize this resource. Staying connected with family and friends is extra important during this time. One of the nice things about modern technology, is that it is a great tool to stay connected. Exhaust this, call your family and friends each day or set up facetime dates. But also be cautious about exploring social media, this is a stressful and uncertain time for everyone and some are reacting differently than others, and this can affect you. Make sure you stay informed and keep in touch with those important to you, but don’t get stuck in a twitter thread conspiracy theory that will keep you up with anxiety all night.

Now let’s talk coloring books. Adult coloring books and pages are the new wave. And I have to say, I don’t recall coloring ever being so satisfying. 

If you are a gamer, now is the time to download new games and dive in. See how many campaigns you can finish by the end of your quarantine. It is time to make your home as comfortable as possible, bring out your favorite fuzzy blankets and make yourself comfy. If you are now working from home during this quarantine, make sure you separate your work space from your hangout space.

This is the time to break out all the face masks and beauty products you have, go straight to relaxation mode while keeping yourself healthy. It’s especially important to be taking your vitamins, and maybe some extra. Keep that water bottle close and always full, hydration is key.

Living with roommates or friends during self quarantine is almost as good as it gets (if you like them). You may not be able to go outside, but human exposure is important. Bring out all those old board games and cards, and maybe some alcohol, and take a trip down memory lane. Download some interactive games on your gaming station that everyone can join in on. Cooking a homemade dinner for the house is also a fun way to keep things moving. Take it to the next level and have everyone get ready and dress up for the meal. It’s always fun to get ready, even if you can’t leave the house. We all love a good theme night, so make a list and pick one for the night, create dinners and games that tailor to your theme.

Rely on each other to keep yourselves moving and entertained, turn that extra space you have into a work out or yoga area. Download some apps to help guide you and go at your own pace. If you live with roommates, make sure to take that extra step to clean after yourself and remember that you all are stuck inside. I know it can be overwhelming, it’s different to stay in for a weekend binging netflix when you are making the choice to do so. So make sure your quarantine environment is one you feel safe and relaxed in. Arts and crafts can be fun for people of all ages, let’s get real. I’m 24 and we have a painting night set up for tonight in the house, clear out some space and channel your inner DIY crafts mom.

If you have pets, make sure you are stocked up on their necessities. This is a weird time for them as well, so try to keep to their routine as much as possible. Keep your dogs entertained with a motivating scavenger hunt. Literally just hide treats around the house, my roommate’s dog loves it. Your cat will love self-quarantine, they were made for this.

Just make sure you are staying inside, even if you are feeling okay. This is a time of uncertainty and the best way to act is to stay safe and aware. By keeping yourself healthy, you’re helping keep others healthy. Check in on your loved ones, play a board game, try something new, and stay safe!


Unique & Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

Unique & Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

There is a common misconception about Valentine’s Day. If you think that Valentine’s Day is only for you and your significant other, I will humbly point out that you are wrong. It’s 2020 and we are celebrating ALL of the people in our lives who we love. No offense, Hallmark, but Valentine’s Day has for too long been a way to profit off people’s love or loneliness. The day of the “couples only” that perpetuated into a profitable business, has now become a day to celebrate our love in our own unique and creative ways. It’s time we take this holiday back and we celebrate how we want! It’s time to officially #TakeBackValentinesDay. Who’s with me?

For some of you, V Day is still a special day to spend solely with your significant other. For others, it’s making time for best friends and family (blood or by choice). Friends celebrating Valentine’s Day together can be just as special as a romantic date. No one needs to feel left out of the holiday!

Let’s talk about different ways to celebrate. There are many different ways to celebrate beyond the traditional dinner date. This doesn’t mean I am hating on dinner dates- who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat delicious food with your significant other, but there are also other options.  And this year, since Valentine’s Day is on Friday (a day when restaurants are already busy) it’s an opportunity to make it a two or three-day celebration into the weekend. Here are some creative and unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s this year.

Make a Reservation…At Home

Spend an intimate evening in the comfort of your own home.  Make your partner’s favorite meal. There is something special about making food for your loved one that doesn’t go unnoticed. Try a new creation or keep it simple by ordering dinner from your favorite restaurant.  Break out the fancy dishes, table linens, flowers, decadent dessert, all the candles you can find and a bottle of your favorite wine (if that’s what you’re into). 

Celebrate at a Spa 

Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a day relaxing at the spa. Indulge in a couple’s or friends’ treatment, or even just spoil yourself and take the day for you. Celebrating at a spa is a nice time with anyone, including yourself.  After a massage, you’ll feel relaxed, stress-free and have the rest of the evening to unwind.




Embrace the Weather

No matter where you live, take your celebration outside.  If you live in a colder climate go ice skating, build a bonfire or bundle up and take a walk to a venue where you can warm up with hot chocolate or a hot toddy.  If you’re in a warmer climate, plan an outdoor picnic poolside, a walk along a beach, or a sunset cruise with the gals.


Be a Gracious Hostess

Host a dinner party for your loved ones.  If you would prefer not to cook, order in or just plan a potluck gathering with people who are special to you.  Another option is to pick a cuisine (Italian, Mexican, Southwest, etc.) and assign dishes to bring. If you prefer not to host a big meal, have a cocktail party and ask everyone to bring an appetizer and just enjoy the company of the people you love.


Cross One Off The Bucket List

Valentine’s Day can extend beyond February 14th.  Surprise your loved one with a future event or trip that they have always wanted to do.  Tickets to a concert, a trip to Niagara Falls (in the summer), tickets to opening day, a golf and/or spa package at a desired resort, a weekend in a destination bucket list city, or the dream of their choice.  It doesn’t have to happen on Valentine’s Day but it’s the perfect day for a surprise gift.

Check Out of Your House and Smart Phone. Get Off The Grid at a Red River, NM Airbnb

Book an Airbnb in an offbeat setting. One of our favorite places is the mountain resort town of Red River, New Mexico, Not only is it absolutely beautiful but Red River offers skiing and snowmobiling adventures in the winter season that get you off the grid and into the outdoors during your Valentine’s Day weekend. Make the best of your trip and order beverages, snacks and groceries before you arrive. After a stress-free check-in, enjoy sleeping in and a leisurely breakfast the next morning.

Get Out of the Kitchen

Sign up for a cooking class with your besties or significant other.  Not only will you create something tasty, you’ll learn new skills and have a memorable evening with those closest to you. If you and your partner are getting tired of traditional dinner dates, take a private cooking course to make your own special dinner together in the comfort home.


Game Night

Nothing brings on laughter, good-natured competition and companionship like games.  Have the gang over for game night, spice it up with tasty treats and a possible winners trophy if it will motivate your friends to go all out. Pull out the old board games or check out what modern technology has to offer, games like Quiplash is a great way to laugh with some friends. If your friend group tends to have a darker sense of humor, Cards Against Humanity never fails.


Girls Night In 

Let’s channel our inner Leslie Knope. No one celebrates Galentine’s Day like this woman! If this year you’re celebrating with your gal pals, do something you all enjoy and will bring you together. Do a wine tasting event, a create-your-own pizza or bake something together and enjoy it while watching the Parks and Recreation Galentine’s episode.  The opportunities for fun and new memories are endless.

We feed into the idea our Valentine’s celebration has to be a certain way or meet specific criteria because that is what we see in entertainment and what we are told to do. We are setting ourselves up to be disappointed by following expectations for a holiday that probably doesn’t even match your relationship because all are different! If you want your Valentine’s to be exactly like your favorite movie, that is ok- do it! If you want to lay on the couch with each other watch movies and eat candy all night- do it!  This day should be tailored to you and what you want, not what you think you need to do.

Break the traditions and spend Valentine’s with who you love! Whether that means showering with affection your significant other, family, gals, bros, animals or kids. That is what Valentine’s Day is all about right? LOVE. And that love does not have to be specified. 

There is no special instructions we have to follow, find something you’ll find fun and will bring you together on a special day of celebrating each other. Stop worrying about who you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with and start worrying about what treats you and your friends are going to make for Galentine’s Day. And lastly, don’t overthink it. Every person and every couple shows love differently, so gather each other up and find the perfect celebration for your love and #TakeBackValentinesDay.  

I personally motion for Galentine’s Day to become an official word and for autocorrect to stop trying to force me to say Valentine’s Day. Let’s hear it for the gals!


5 Ways We Are Focusing On Wellness In 2020 And How You Can Too

5 Ways We Are Focusing On Wellness In 2020 And How You Can Too

2020 is the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Although most people consider the rat to be not so adorable, this creature restarts each 12-year zodiac cycle, making it the perfect inspiration to embark on new wellness and travel journeys in the New Year.

This year we play on the characteristics of this animal full of spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality.  This is our year to access, build and succeed at these various characteristics through focus, perseverance, and motivation. We gain motivation both from within and gathering strength from those around us.  Join us in focusing on wellness. Cheers to becoming healthier and more vibrant versions of ourselves in 2020 and beyond.


It all starts with the brain. Really wanting to excel in our startup and with so many trends going around about cognitive health and wellness, we thought to give some a try.

Keto Coffee

If you haven’t heard of Dave Asprey you may just want to add him to your Who To Follow in 2020 list.  The basic premise behind the trend for ketogenic or “bulletproof” coffee comes from his experience in Tibet watching locals add Yax milk to their tea. He realized this was a very energetic way to start the morning and he felt really good when he drank it. By adding butter and MCL oil to coffee he created similar effects. The butter is a great delivery system of the MCL brain-boosting compound as well as it helps people get into a state of kenosis where their bodies burn fat in place of carbs. Find more info on the ketogenic diet here

Our Experience:

Why We Like It: We feel mentally sharper with the ability to concentrate longer. For those looking for dietary effects, we can vouch that it definitely suppresses our appetites. The buttery filling is smooth and heavier than regular coffee so it’s great to have before lunch or mid-morning.

Tips For Ultimate Balance:

If you’re a coffee drinker you want to have one cup of traditional coffee first; this takes you beyond just waking up. It is so filling that we often skipped lunch leading to jittery afternoon cravings so make sure that you eat small snacks while downing ketogenic coffee. We also suggest a bottle of water on the side.

Coffee Infused With Micro Mushrooms And Lion’s Mane


Research suggests that micro mushrooms and lion’s mane offer a range of health benefits, including reduced inflammation and improved cognitive and heart health . If you need a smooth wake up call to the brain in the morning without the jitters, take a look at a couple of our favorite brands, Four Sigmagtic Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and La Republica Forager. 

Why We Like It

It enhances our cognitive abilities, while keeping us vibrant and more awake, and it does so without the crash.  We feel energized and alert without feeling anxious, restless, or experiencing an accelerated heart rate. We feel grounded, too, and even find ourselves sleeping better.   

Tips For Ultimate Balance  

If you really want to go all-in with mushroom coffee, NeuRoast makes a “super cream” that’s infused with six different types of mushrooms. It’s also dairy-free, coconut milk-based, and keto-friendly.  Medicinal Mushrooms are considered supplements, so it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure it will not interfere with any of your medications.

  • 2. Emotional Wellness

Battling Stress and Anxiety?

To loosen the pain and get a hold of sleep anxiety -yes it’s a thing, we’re into CBD.

Topical CBD Creams


For minor aches and pains, give your liver a break and skip the IBuprofin. Topical creams with CBD like Intense Cream from CBD Daily are great alternative muscle relaxers for anything from strained muscles to menstrual cramps.

Why We Like It:

It’s natural and it works. Just 5 minutes after applying CBD cream to a stiff neck and shoulders that Kristin had been suffering from for days, she forgot all about it. 

Tips For Ultimate Balance:

You don’t need a lot if applying a quality cream. Make sure that whoever you purchase from is a certified CBD retailer. We look for companies that grow their products in the US and are evaluated by a third party.

*Both CBDMD and CBD Daily use products grwon in the U.S. and are tested by third parties.

CDB for Sleep

This one is new to us but overall we are thrilled with the results.

Day One

Took the full dose, 1 milligram of CBD Nightime by We experienced a sense of well-being and relaxation while feeling a slight body tingling at the same time. Stephen, our tester, was asleep within 15 minutes of taking it the first night. Unfortunately, he woke up three hours later.

Why We Like It

CBD nighttime is infused with CBD and melatonin for a natural way to get into the bedtime groove. We suggest you take it half an hour before you are ready to catch some restful Zzzzs. Especially when traveling, CBD is a natural way to aid in adjusting sleep patterns to time zones without side effects of pharmaceuticals that may have you feeling groggy and asking, ‘Was it worth it to take this again?’ in the morning.

Tips For Ultimate Balance

Cut the dose in half. The second night, half a dose gave the perfect relaxation remedy to sleep through the whole night and still wake refreshed in the morning. 



For some of us, that means going all out, like bootcamp, the gym and crossfit at ungodly hours like 5:30 in the morning! For others, a spiritual type of workout incorporating yoga, pilates and nature is more our pace. Whatever you decide to do, remember that we are all on our own path to wellness. Choose activities that interest and motivate you. That’s the best way to create long-term habits that lead to ultimate fitness success.



Star of Her College Soccer Team

Exercise of Choice: Weight Lifting & Crossfit
“I really like the comradery of people working out together and pushing one another further than they thought they could go.”

CC bikes whenever she has a chance. It calms her mind to be outside as well as keeps her fit.

Meet The Team



Habitual Workouts

Exercise of Choice: Boot Camp, Biking, Weights
“There is ALWAYS an excuse not to work out. Recognize that and throw those excuses out the window.” Stephen has adhered to a weekly workout regiment incorporating both cardio and weights for two decades. Not only does he feel good, but he looks great too. His wife thanks him for it.


Nature Enthusiast

Exercise of Choice: Hiking & Strength Training at the Gym.
“With such a sedentary job behind a computer, I feel that its crucial to fit exercise into my daily routine. Not only does it invigorate me but, after exercising I am a lot fresher when I confront a task.”


I Want to Look & Feel my Best

Exercise of choice: Running Outside, Beachbody in My Living Room
“I’m originally from southern California so I crave the outdoors. My profession as an esthetician keeps me in a dark relaxing room daily, so getting outside is critical. There is nothing more exhilarating than throwing on some dubstep or Loud Luxury music and just getting after my run. I feel so ALIVE afterwards!”


I'll Get Back There

Exercise of choice: Skiing, Road Bike Riding
“After ACL replacement last year, and trying to work through it, I realize that sometimes you have to take a break – physically and mentally. Also, when I do exercise, I now have to be smarter about it. Walking my dog 2 miles at this point doesn’t seem like much compared to my pre-surgery activity level; but if it helps me to recuperate (and decompress) then it’s a step in the right direction.”


Get Outside

Exercise of Choice: Pilates & Farm Work
“My personal fitness trainers so far in 2020 are mainly four-legged furry type farm creatures. Shoveling manure from the horse stalls at Patch 22 may not seem like a “Sunday Funday”, but it sure is a full-body workout. With the addition of a foot of snow, carrying buckets of water from the wells to all the pens, barns, and sheds turns your typical lunges across the gym floor into a walk in the park. Fresh air, hard work, and the sunrise are the perfect recipe. I love it. And I can always count on chasing a few loose ducks or a wandering goat to get my cardio in for the day too.”

  • 4. DIET


    We are not going to go crazy here. Our basic premise for 2020 is making fruits and vegetables the star of our meals and treating meat as a side dish. Think Mediterranean diet in experimental mode. Some of our favorite recipes include this Paleo Thai Beef Drunken Zoodle dish and Teriyaki Salmon Quinoa Bowls.

No Results Found

The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.

  • 5. TRAVEL


    This year and every year, we emphasize travel for the soul. Our wellness depends on it to break up the monotony of our lives and daily schedules. Traveling gives everyone something to look forward to. Whether it’s a staycation, by simply visiting a place in your community in which you haven’t been, or adventuring to a faraway place on your bucket list, travel has a positive impact on wellness. You don’t have to go overboard. Sometimes a quiet solo spiritual journey or an out-of-town visit to see good friends or family is all you really need to rejuvenate, revive, and reignite your sense of playfulness and vitality again.

    Whatever your path to wellness is in 2020, we wish you luck and encouragement. From our hearts to yours,



  • Co-Written by: Anna Arrow

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Don’t Forget To Pack These Essentials For Your Vacation

Don’t Forget To Pack These Essentials For Your Vacation

Let’s face it, packing for vacation can be a real drag. It’s not so much doing it. It’s deciding what you take and what you don’t. Let’s start with the basics. Where are you going? What will the weather be like? Do you have to dress for a special event or excursion? 


Think no further. Lucky for you, sans any special events, this inclusive list on what to pack for vacation will have you covered in 99% of vacation scenarios.

1. First, The Luggage

This one can be tricky- but it is so important! I recently had the wrong bag type when traveling across Europe and it made things much more difficult. Simply put, find a bag you can easily lug around make sure it’s lightweight and can move from one place to another. Wheels are only good if the bag is easy for you to maneuver- easy is key! Some of our favorites are …

2. The Correct Sunglasses

No one wants to have to deal with fighting off the sun while relaxing on the beach or navigating through downtown streets. Make sure you are prepared to protect those eyes with the proper sunglasses. If you tend to lose your stuff while traveling, stop by the drug store and get a cheap pair- but avoid free sunnies with your favorite beer logo on the side, they tend to do little protection from the sun.

3. All Hail Sunscreen

Whether it’s summer or winter, make sure to stay fully stocked while traveling, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. I will never forget the family vacation when I didn’t wear sunscreen and literally burned my eyelids while laying out on the beach. Take it from me, you don’t want to skip this in your routine. Make this step easy, I like spray on sunscreen you can rub in for a quick and easy apply. Check out my favorite by Banana Boat.


Some places get cold at night and your airbnb or hotel may keep things cool. Make sure you pack a sweatshirt or sweater that you can easily throw on to avoid uncomfortable temperatures!

5. Socks and Underwear

You would think this one goes without saying, but then I wouldn’t be saying it right? Don’t forget your underwear, or you will end up like me buying underwear in Amsterdam while questioning how I forgot underwear of all things. If you are skiing or somewhere cold, invest whatever extra cash you have in some thick socks, there’s nothing worse than cold feet.

6. Don’t Forget the Raincoat

I thought my grandmother was just nagging when she insisted I take a raincoat on my last trip, but boy was she right! Being stuck unprepared in the rain can ruin a perfectly good day, avoid the mess with something waterproof. Ladies, if you further want to keep hair from getting unruly and your face going from mascara to macscary, I suggest you throw in a fashionable hat!

7. Moisturizer Must

Different landscapes and elevations can dry your skin out! Make sure to pack some moisturizer and avoid uncomfortable dry and cracking skin. My Esthetician suggests one rich in vitamin C like this CeraVe Daily Moisturizer.

8. Deodorant, Please

When traveling to new places, it can be nerve-racking and sometimes way hotter than expected! Combat travel nerves and heat with your favorite brand of deodorant, for your sake and those traveling around you! Check out our favorite vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free brand NATIVE.

9. Daytime Outfits That Make Sense

Before you jet off to your destination, check the weather and plan accordingly. If you are going to be visiting a lot of tourist attractions during the day, you want to pack something light and comfortable! Layers are your best friend. Think basic colors that you can easily mix and match throughout your trip.

10. Going Out Outfits

This can be hard, if you are anything like me you tend to overpack or under pack in this area. Pack only what you know you will wear, if you are unsure then it shouldn’t make the cut.

Pro Tip: Pack light plain garments like a simple black dress that you can dress down during the day and up at night with accessories. Don’t forget that you can have more wardrobe diversity when you share with friends!

11. Phone Charger, Duh

These days the phone is used for so much more than making calls. Make sure you keep it charged for GPS, pictures, and overall safety! It never hurts to bring an extra charger in case you lose yours. It could also come in handy for that forgetful travel-mate or friend. Make it easier with an extra long charger!

12. Headphones

Headphones are essential for traveling when you need to drown out a screaming baby or to get in your comfort zone. Plane and train rides can be long without some music- especially with possible delays! And if you have bluetooth headphones, make sure to bring your charger.

13. Identification/Passport

This should be on the top of the list. Have some type of photo identification to make traveling easier and for use in case of emergencies. If you aren’t changing countries, protect your identitiy and leave the passport at home.

14. Hydration Station, Water Bottle

It is easy to get dehydrated while traveling and it is important for your overall health to stay hydrated. Bring a reusable water bottle to prevent yourself from going dry. Check out these reusable water bottles and make a positive impact on our environment while keeping your drinks warm or cool!

15. Hat/Visor

Sometimes the most simple thing can be one of the most essential items! If you are traveling somewhere sunny and hot make sure to keep yourself shaded with some extra protection (your bald spot and frizzy hair will thank you).

16. Cash

Sometimes our debit and credit cards fail us, so it’s important to have cash while on a trip. And even though it is 2020, some places take cash only. You don’t want to be stuck with no way to purchase food and souvenirs to take home.

17. Portable Charger

Not only is it important to bring your phone charger, but you never know when you will need to charge your phone. When you need a charge and plugging in to an outlet is not an option, a portable charger will come in handy! (I have one picked out.)

18. Purse/Backpack

No one wants to carry around travel items in loose pockets. Make sure you always know where your things are by packing a purse or backpack. It will keep you more organized and limit the chances of losing anything- just don’t lose your bag!

19. Medication

From prescription medications to over the counter pain relievers, you don’t want to forget any of them. Think about what you take in an average week. Bring some over the counter pain relievers, digestion aids and even a bandaid or two. You don’t want any aches getting in the way of your vacation!

20. Makeup Removing Wipes

Traveling can be tiring, and at the end of a long day you just want to crawl into bed and not worry about taking your makeup off. Make it easier on yourself and pack makeup remover wipes to create an easy transition into relaxation.

21. Reading Material

Even in a day of modern technology, people still read books! Make sure to bring a piece of reading material, a crossword puzzle or something manual to do with your hands should you lose cell service.

Pro tip: I like to get a mini book of sudoku puzzles for those long plane and train rides, just don’t forget a pencil!

22. Tablet/Computer

If you like to travel with your tablet or computer make sure you have everything you need to keep it charged and safe. Download media before travel, when you are connected to WiFi. Don’t forget a case to protect it.

23.  Last but not Least, Daytme Shoes

Picking out your favorite shoes for dinner and a night out is easy, but they won’t be very comfortable if you have sore or blistered feet from walking all day in the wrong pair of shoes. Find some comfortable and still stylish shoes for tours and walking during the day- your feet will thank you!

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