What To Do If Your Flight Gets Canceled: Summer 2022

What To Do If Your Flight Gets Canceled: Summer 2022

I fly a lot. As in every other week. Ironically as it sounds, my husband and I were kind of fond of commercial airline flights during the pandemic days. Not for the sickness and the masks but because the airports were empty, flights were on time. Flights were cheap. Our flights were seldom canceled or delayed.


At the same time, we are super glad to see the uptick in travel in 2022. It’s hard to find a parking spot with all the families, youth, grandparents and business people at the airport again. What makes us happy though, is that people are unmasked and we can see the smiles on their faces, which is priceless, given what we all have gone through recently.

Many airlines across the US and Europe point to staffing shortages in key areas like pilots, ground crew and air traffic control centers as underlying problems attributing to the current trend of canceled flights. Even if these airlines are able to hire, they don’t have enough time to train staff to keep up with the increase in travel demand. Although international flight demand is still about 14% below what it was pre-pandemic in 2019, the demand for domestic flights surpasses what it was in 2019.

Every Country Has Different Flight Cancelation Compensation Rules

Different countries have different rules. If you are in the UK, for example, and your flight is more than three hours delayed, at the fault of the airline, you can be compensated up to $600 per person. Amsterdam went so far as to ask American Airlines to stop selling tickets from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport through most of July while it catches up on a chaotic summer travel season.


In the United States airline passengers are only guaranteed a full refund if they’ve purchased a refundable ticket or the flight is canceled or significantly delayed. Terms vary by airline. However, most airlines are willing to compensate and in some cases will pay cash to passengers who volunteer to take a later flight. Other reasons why passengers are entitled to a refund include being downgraded due to an equipment change from upper-class seating to economy, and services purchased (like wifi) that are no longer available.


Where to file a general complaint.


American Airlines Flight Cancelation Policy


Typically American Airlines will apply a non-refundable ticket toward another ticket used in the same calendar year. Non-refundable tickets will get refunded if the flight is completely canceled or is more than four hours delayed. For other reasons AA will refund you or to request a refund see https://www.aa.com/i18n/customer-service/faqs/customer-service-faqs.jsp


United Airlines Flight Delay & Cancelation Policy


United Airlines asks passengers to rebook via the app when there is a major flight delay or cancelation. If the passenger chooses not to fly based on this, they must submit a formal refund request at https://www.united.com/en/us/refunds. According to their website, a close family death, illness and jury duty are reasonable events for which to receive a refund.

Delta Airlines

When it comes to Delta, they state that the flexibility for passengers has changed since 2020. However, only refundable purchased tickets are eligible with a change fee depending on when the change is made. In the case that Delta cancels a flight or a flight is significantly delayed the ticket can be applied to an eTicket or they will rebook you on another flight. It is possible to request a full refund online, by phone or by mail. https://www.delta.com/us/en/change-cancel/cancel-flight

Rebooking on Southwest Airlines


A lot of people book Southwest for their generous cancelation options on the, “I want to get away’ fair. Southwest allows passengers with these tickets to cancel just 10 minutes before a flight departs. If Southwest cancels your flight, however, and you have a non-refundable ticket, you are not eligible for a cash refund. Southwest will apply a travel credit to your loyalty account instead.




So now that you have an overview of various American airlines’ flight cancellation and delay policies, what do you do when you are at the airport and they cancel your flight?

The Number One Thing You Don’t Want to Do is Stand In Line

You know that line. The one inside security at the help desk. This is where the amateurs go as you can tell by their loud disgruntled phone calls and the occasional outburst at the most likely underpaid and overworked airline agent. As soon as you know that your flight is significantly delayed or canceled, do the following:


  • Get on the Phone 

Call your airline directly for new flight bookings.

  • Utilize your App or a Kiosk 

In the era of touch-free technology, there are a lot of options. Most airlines would rather give you some control rather than flood their employees with change requests.

  • Go to the Airport Lounge

If your airline has a private lounge, you can pay for a day pass. You’ll get access to comfortable seating, food, beverages, private bathrooms and possibly a shower. Let’s face it, if you’re being delayed or even overnight you’re going to spend almost the same amount on airport food and drinks. Bonus: Here the staff will search and rebook your ticket for you. Just hand them your current pass and information about where you are going and when.


  • Sign Up to Fly Standby

Show up early and let the gate agent know you are there.


  • Check Local Hotels

A few airlines like American, Alaska and Delta will put you up in a hotel between 10 PM-Midnight until 6 AM if they can’t rebook you. There is no guarantee though as it depends on partnerships with local hotels and sometimes even how many miles you are away from home. Check your airline’s policy before you fly

If you need to book a hotel or rental car out of pocket, do so as soon as you realize you need the accommodations. Local hotels and car rentals book very fast especially if there is bad weather that is causing several delays.

Fortunately, I am married to a man who in all honesty, should have been an airline pilot, hence I get plenty of tips from my own personal aviation geek. 


Coming Soon: Airport Tips to Travel Like a Pro!

Top Summer Vacation Spots & Rental Deals In 2022

Top Summer Vacation Spots & Rental Deals In 2022

Looking for unique places to visit this year on your summer vacation? Check out top vacation spots and deals for 2022.


Off The Grid Vacations: Connect With Nature This Summer

smoky mountain vacation rental

Smoky Mountain Cabins To Rent In Gatlinburg, TN


The Smoky Mountains are one of the most beautiful and underrated places to travel. The raw nature there is unmatched compared to many places in the US. Century old trees, cascading waterfalls and over 800 miles of hiking trails make it the ideal place for your Summer vacation.


Great Smoky National Park was dedicated in 1940 by President Roosevelt and remains, to this day, free to the public. Fishing, biking, white water rafting and horseback riding are all within reach of your Smoky Mountain vacation cabin.


Choose from treehouse type accommodations overlooking the peaks or luxury cabins featuring multiple covered porches, game rooms, hot tubs and free passes to popular Gatlinburg attractions. 

Big Sky Montana
Big Sky, MT Rental

Enjoy The Wide Open Spaces In Big Sky, MT


Just 40 miles from Bozeman and an hour drive to Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky, Montana sits under the looming 11,166 peak, Lone Mountain. The terrain of Big Sky Resort features hundreds of miles of hiking trails, pristine mountain lakes and fly fishing in the famed Gallatin River, the location that the movie ‘A River Runs Through It’ was filmed at.


Other summer activities include horseback riding, ziplining, a live music series, spas and wellness centers. There are several tour operators that will guide you through Yellowstone Park. Choose your adventure based on the category of things you want to see. Some tour groups cater specifically to animal life while others focus on geysers and geological formations. 

Big Sky mountain chalets feature luxurious kitchens, hot tubs and clean, group friendly spaces. Book today and get 20% off a five night stay.

Scenic Mountain Adventure Vacation Deal


Mountain Arbnb
Park City, UT Vacation Rental

Treat Your Kids To A Summer Adventure Camp,

And Yourself To A Little R&R

In Deer Valley, Utah


A silver mining town turned secluded haven for drinking during prohibition, today Deer Valley is a bustling mountain resort offering all kinds of adventures for your mountain vacation. Located in the Southeast section of Park City, Deer Valley Resort has everything from hot air balloon rides to specially curated culinary packages all Summer long.


Kids can enjoy ziplining, paddle boarding and art classes at Snow Park Lodge https://www.deervalley.com/things-to-do/activities/summer-adventure-camp


While you enjoy adventures on your own. Connect with nature on the nearly 70 miles of mountain bike trails. Check out the one-of-a-kind Summer bobsled track.


The outdoors are great during the day but it’s also good to note that Park City offers a lively nightlife. Two distilleries and two wine bars are found within its bounds as well as restaurants offering everything from sushi to high-end steaks and barbeque. 


Book now and get 15% off a luxury mountain home retreat.

Gulf Of Mexico Beach Vacation Florida

Cape San Blas Home Rental Deals

Florida Beach Vacation
Florida Airbnb

Sugar white beaches await you at Florida’s beautiful Cape San Blas on the Gulf of Mexico. Sunning, deep sea fishing and water sports will fill your days while beach bonfires and dining at eclectic restaurants like the highly rated Scallop Republic will fill your nights.


Enjoy beach-front pet-friendly vacation rental homes and get $250 worth of beach equipment like beach umbrellas, kayaks and paddle boards when you book today.

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