Stocking The Kitchen At Your Vacation Rental Home: Everything You Need To Know

Stocking The Kitchen At Your Vacation Rental Home: Everything You Need To Know

How To Stock The Kitchen Of Your Vacation Rental


Being a first, second or even third time owner of vacation rental homes is exciting but staging it can be daunting. There’s maintenance, marketing, property management and on top of that managing and exceeding guests expectations.

Did you know that several surveys have found that the number one reason people book vacation rentals over hotels is for the kitchen? So if you stock the kitchen with basic essentials to top end appliances and décor, you’re already a step ahead of most. Read on to find everything you need to know about stocking the kitchen of your vacation rental home.

 Kitchen Cooking Essentials

Let’s start with kitchen essentials. It’s important to say here, that even if you want to skimp on the budget, not investing in high-quality, durable items just means you will have to replace them in the future costing you more money in the long run. I did the research for you to find quality items at fair prices with this in mind. *Please note this article contains affiliate links. All items can be easily purchased and shipped directly from Amazon. 

  • Various Sizes of Pots & Pans

These, shown here, are easily stackable, PFOA free, oven safe and easy to clean. Both have received over 4.5 ratings specifically for durablility and how easy they are to clean. Perfect for repeat guests to use over and over again. 


  • Baking Dishes

Again, these should be both attractive and easy to clean. The stackable variety give your guests access to multiple options and they can even go in the refridgerator to store food. You can expect highly durable materials that withstand heat and are easy to clean.

  • Cuttlery

Stainless steal silverware is one of the most durable options out there. They are rust resistant, dishwasher friendly and easy to maintain. We like the on the counter butcher block for knives so guests of your vacation rental can easily find them and a well-stocked kitchen should be evident in your photographs.

  • Cutting Boards

Choose from eco-friendly bamboo with natural antimicrobial properties or these deeply grooved non-slip plastic boards that are dishwasher safe. Can’t decide? You may want to purchase both to give your guests a choice.

  •  Kitchen Towels & Oven Mitts

Stick with clean designs, easy to wash, durable materials and make sure you have plenty so you can swap them out for new guests.

  • Basic Cooking Utensils

Get the bundled varieties shown here in basic black or mix it up and delight your guests with the fun and colorful.

  • Wine Cooking & Serving Essentials

A well-stocked kitchen provides most of the conveniences your guests would find at home in their own kitchen. From a wine key, to can opener, baking sheets to serving utensils, these are a must to have on your vacation rental home kitchen stocking list.

  • Additional Vacation Kitchen Essentials

To truly provide a ‘home away from home’ at your VRBO or Airbnb, complete the cooking essentials with a pizza cutter, silicone spatulas, a colandor and stainless steal mixing bowls.

  •  Salt, Pepper, Sugar Packets & Basic Spices

You don’t have to go overboard here and you’ll often find that guests leave these items behind. Basic cooking spices and seasonings will be your foodie guest’s delight though, adding to their over all experience at your vacation rental home.

Glasses, Bowls & Plates For Your Well-Stocked Vacation Rental Home Kitchen

  • Glasses, Tumblers, Mugs & Wine Glasses

These highly rated led-free glasses are top of the line and affordable. Made in Italy, the highball glasses and the juice or tumbler glasses are dishwasher safe. The timeless designs and sturdy bases set them a step above others. When it comes to coffee cups, have fun! Mornings are hard enough. Cheer your guests with fun colors on the inside and a classic black matte on the outside. Choose from stem or stemless wine glasses, but make sure you have them.

  • Plates & Bowls

While I can’t account for everyone’s taste, what I like about the super classic white ceramic and the contemporary American Atelier stoneware sets, is that they are both highly rated for durability and long term ware. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these everyday use dishes have clean lines and will last you for years.

Top Rated Kitchen Counter Appliances

  • Coffee Pot & Electric Tea Kettle

Your tea drinking and European guests will be glad you thought of them when it comes to caffeination. This stainless steal, cordless tea kettle gets five stars when it comes to safety features and hottness. You may debate whether or not to get a Kuerig or standard coffee pot. Many rentals offer both. I have found it’s cheaper to stock small coffee packets over coffee pods.

  • Stock Additional Kitchen Appliances

A crockpot is great for large groups and limits the packing and items a guest has to bring. While the toaster is extremely essential more and more people are also using blenders for morning smoothies and reheating their leftovers or take out in an airfryer.

Essentials For The Grill

  • Grilling Equiptment

If your property features a grill, these basic grilling essentials are a must. They are durable for long-lasting use.

Kitchen Utility Items For Your Airbnb

  • Basic Kitchen Utility

A standard paper towel holder will give your guests access to easily swipe and clean. The stainless, touch-less garbage can with the black top will block fingerprints and stains.

Classy Kitchen Hospitality For Hosting

  • Serving Dishes & More

Set your space apart with stylish serving trays, dishes, ramekins. Be the host that goes the extra mile and watch those five stars come in.

Colorful Decor & Kitchen Extras

Not sure how to add extra flare? Timeless, colorful and modern feels clean and sleek on your walls and countertops. Remeber. a little bit of personality can go along way in fostering a deeper guest connection. Let them know who you are with fun signs and wall decor. Don’t forget to add splashes of color and think about packaging when it comes to things like soaps and other vacation rental kitchen amenities. There are endless possibilities here. I hope you have some fun shopping along the way! Best of luck to you in running a succesful vacation rental home in 2022.

Have more ideas? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments.

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