There is a common misconception about Valentine’s Day. If you think that Valentine’s Day is only for you and your significant other, I will humbly point out that you are wrong. It’s 2020 and we are celebrating ALL of the people in our lives who we love. No offense, Hallmark, but Valentine’s Day has for too long been a way to profit off people’s love or loneliness. The day of the “couples only” that perpetuated into a profitable business, has now become a day to celebrate our love in our own unique and creative ways. It’s time we take this holiday back and we celebrate how we want! It’s time to officially #TakeBackValentinesDay. Who’s with me?

For some of you, V Day is still a special day to spend solely with your significant other. For others, it’s making time for best friends and family (blood or by choice). Friends celebrating Valentine’s Day together can be just as special as a romantic date. No one needs to feel left out of the holiday!

Let’s talk about different ways to celebrate. There are many different ways to celebrate beyond the traditional dinner date. This doesn’t mean I am hating on dinner dates- who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat delicious food with your significant other, but there are also other options.  And this year, since Valentine’s Day is on Friday (a day when restaurants are already busy) it’s an opportunity to make it a two or three-day celebration into the weekend. Here are some creative and unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s this year.

Make a Reservation…At Home

Spend an intimate evening in the comfort of your own home.  Make your partner’s favorite meal. There is something special about making food for your loved one that doesn’t go unnoticed. Try a new creation or keep it simple by ordering dinner from your favorite restaurant.  Break out the fancy dishes, table linens, flowers, decadent dessert, all the candles you can find and a bottle of your favorite wine (if that’s what you’re into). 

Celebrate at a Spa 

Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a day relaxing at the spa. Indulge in a couple’s or friends’ treatment, or even just spoil yourself and take the day for you. Celebrating at a spa is a nice time with anyone, including yourself.  After a massage, you’ll feel relaxed, stress-free and have the rest of the evening to unwind.




Embrace the Weather

No matter where you live, take your celebration outside.  If you live in a colder climate go ice skating, build a bonfire or bundle up and take a walk to a venue where you can warm up with hot chocolate or a hot toddy.  If you’re in a warmer climate, plan an outdoor picnic poolside, a walk along a beach, or a sunset cruise with the gals.


Be a Gracious Hostess

Host a dinner party for your loved ones.  If you would prefer not to cook, order in or just plan a potluck gathering with people who are special to you.  Another option is to pick a cuisine (Italian, Mexican, Southwest, etc.) and assign dishes to bring. If you prefer not to host a big meal, have a cocktail party and ask everyone to bring an appetizer and just enjoy the company of the people you love.


Cross One Off The Bucket List

Valentine’s Day can extend beyond February 14th.  Surprise your loved one with a future event or trip that they have always wanted to do.  Tickets to a concert, a trip to Niagara Falls (in the summer), tickets to opening day, a golf and/or spa package at a desired resort, a weekend in a destination bucket list city, or the dream of their choice.  It doesn’t have to happen on Valentine’s Day but it’s the perfect day for a surprise gift.

Check Out of Your House and Smart Phone. Get Off The Grid at a Red River, NM Airbnb

Book an Airbnb in an offbeat setting. One of our favorite places is the mountain resort town of Red River, New Mexico, Not only is it absolutely beautiful but Red River offers skiing and snowmobiling adventures in the winter season that get you off the grid and into the outdoors during your Valentine’s Day weekend. Make the best of your trip and order beverages, snacks and groceries before you arrive. After a stress-free check-in, enjoy sleeping in and a leisurely breakfast the next morning.

Get Out of the Kitchen

Sign up for a cooking class with your besties or significant other.  Not only will you create something tasty, you’ll learn new skills and have a memorable evening with those closest to you. If you and your partner are getting tired of traditional dinner dates, take a private cooking course to make your own special dinner together in the comfort home.


Game Night

Nothing brings on laughter, good-natured competition and companionship like games.  Have the gang over for game night, spice it up with tasty treats and a possible winners trophy if it will motivate your friends to go all out. Pull out the old board games or check out what modern technology has to offer, games like Quiplash is a great way to laugh with some friends. If your friend group tends to have a darker sense of humor, Cards Against Humanity never fails.


Girls Night In 

Let’s channel our inner Leslie Knope. No one celebrates Galentine’s Day like this woman! If this year you’re celebrating with your gal pals, do something you all enjoy and will bring you together. Do a wine tasting event, a create-your-own pizza or bake something together and enjoy it while watching the Parks and Recreation Galentine’s episode.  The opportunities for fun and new memories are endless.

We feed into the idea our Valentine’s celebration has to be a certain way or meet specific criteria because that is what we see in entertainment and what we are told to do. We are setting ourselves up to be disappointed by following expectations for a holiday that probably doesn’t even match your relationship because all are different! If you want your Valentine’s to be exactly like your favorite movie, that is ok- do it! If you want to lay on the couch with each other watch movies and eat candy all night- do it!  This day should be tailored to you and what you want, not what you think you need to do.

Break the traditions and spend Valentine’s with who you love! Whether that means showering with affection your significant other, family, gals, bros, animals or kids. That is what Valentine’s Day is all about right? LOVE. And that love does not have to be specified. 

There is no special instructions we have to follow, find something you’ll find fun and will bring you together on a special day of celebrating each other. Stop worrying about who you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with and start worrying about what treats you and your friends are going to make for Galentine’s Day. And lastly, don’t overthink it. Every person and every couple shows love differently, so gather each other up and find the perfect celebration for your love and #TakeBackValentinesDay.  

I personally motion for Galentine’s Day to become an official word and for autocorrect to stop trying to force me to say Valentine’s Day. Let’s hear it for the gals!


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