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Red River Brewing Company

Taste the flavors of the only microbrewery in Red River, New Mexico. Located on Main St. in a modern, spacious building, you can watch the fermentation process while enjoying one of 12 unique beers on tap. Order with us to have Red River Brewery’s beer stocked at your vacation home or stop on in for great beer, fabulous food and nightly live entertainment!

Fresh From the Tap!

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1. Lazy Beer Blonde

Blonde Ale

Clean & light. Refresh yourself with this easy drinking blonde ale with notes of biscuits.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

2. Greenie Peak Wheat


Clean Wit beer with a malt profile and just a hint of yeast and spice.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

3. Blackout Ale


Dark and complex. This American Black Ale leads with a roast forward character and finishes with a balanced blend of fruity Galaxy hops and chocolate malt.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

4. Cat Skinner IPA

IPA – American

You’ll love this classic take on a West Coast IPA with a mosaic hop character.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

5. Copper Chair Amber

Red Ale – American Amber Red

A clean, well-balanced Amber Ale with a crystal malt profile. Try it straight or order a twist on the classic Bloody Mary and make it a Bloody Beer. Add $1.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

6. Cabin Fever Pilsner

Pilsner – Czech

A Czech style Pilsner made with Saaz hops from the Czech Republic. Saaz hops, one of the oldest hops varieties in the world, have a distinctive flavor and are low in bitterness and high in aroma.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

7. Tucker-Brau


This traditional Oktoberfest Lager, or Märzen, has a medium body, rich and toasty malt flavor, and clean dry finish. We’ve been conditioning this batch for more than 5 months just like they used to do.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

8. Have You Seen My Phone?


This German-style dunkel is a bottom-fermented lager offering beer lovers the rich balanced flavors of chocolate, bread crust and caramel. Dunkel is a favorite of countless people across the world.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

9. Back 40 Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse Ale – Saison

Crisp and zesty, made from Belgian yeast for a distinctive spicy aroma and hints of citrus and coriander.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

10. Bad Medicine Honey DIPA

IPA Imperial/Double

Strong but delicious, this double IPA is made with Arizona wildflower honey that balances a smooth hop character with notes of floral and pine. 

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

11. Tractor Red Apple Cider

Cider – Traditional

Made by Tractor Brewing Company with apples from the Pacific Northwest and carbonated to perfection. Gluten Free.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

12. Midnight Meadows Stout (Nitro)

Stout- Oatmeal

Dark, rich, and creamy with notes of toffee and espresso, this Oatmeal Stout is an essential part of a complete breakfast.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler

13. Contagion Fruity Sour

Kettle Soured Ale

We make each batch of this kettle soured ale with a different kind of fruit – ask your server what’s on tap today. It’s a great choice for a warm summer day.

12 -32 oz Can 22 -64 oz Refillable Growler


Featured Brews

Red River Brewing Co Swag

Available in store only, RRBC swag includes, growlers, shirts, caps, beanies and more.

Friendly Staff

A friendly and curteuos staff is waiting to greet you on your Red River vacation.

Custom Cans of Beer From the Tap

Canned daily, choose from 12 types of micro brew on tap.


Don’t Forget About the Kitchen

Red River Brewing Company offers a peak dining experience at 8750 feet! Choose from starters like the heaping plate of RRBC Nachos or housemade Kettle Chips. The zesty Hatch Burger has New Mexico written all over it while the Bacon Chicken Ranch Sandwich will keep you coming back in for more.

Hours of Operation Are:
11 AM -10 PM
11 AM – 11 PM


217 West Main St. Red River, New Mexico 87558


(575) 754-4422
[email protected]