Tea.O.Graphy Holiday Package


Tea.O.Graphy Holiday Includes:

  • Hand Picked Gift Tea Sample Set
  • Cast Iron Tea Pot Gift Set with Tea
  • 25 Days of Christmas Tea

(Tea Sample Set Includes: 5 samples of tea featuring: woodland walk, ginger spice, cats pjs, lavender grey, and high desert sage. Each sample contains 3 servings. )
(Cast Iron Gift Set Includes: 1 black cast iron teapot + 3 samples of tea (any of your selection) or woodland walk + cats pjs + ginger spice.)
(25 Days of Christmas Tea Includes: Teas for 25 days of Christmas – each in bagged in our compostable teabags and packaged in our compostable packaging and then put into a beautiful cream envelope sealed with a red wax seal.)

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Holiday Cheer in a Cup! Tea.o.graphy blends are carefully handcrafted with a special focus on organic & fair trade ingredients…


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