We take the stress out of vacation home rental guest arrival! By having groceries, custom celebration setups and personal care items placed in your VRBO/Airbnb when you arrive, the magic of vacation begins.

You have arrived!

Property Owners & Managers are often asked to perform these types of requests. With scheduling, maintenance and housekeeping, they simply don’t have time.

That’s where Tailored Stay comes in. We are the crossroads between guests and owners, rounding out the hospitality experience so everyone is truly delighted by personal touches and convenience during their stay!

Questions That Guests

& Owners Ask

Where Does Tailored Stay Operate?

As of November 18, 2019 we are fully operational in the Enchanted Circle area of New Mexico. This includes Red River, Angel Fire, Eagles Nest & Taos. In Lake Geneva, WI we arrange custom celebrations and concierge services. We are looking to expand to multiple US locations throughout the year. Drop us a line if you have a request for us to come to your area.

How Does Tailored Stay Work?

Guests order special occasion packages, groceries, beverages household and personal care items through Tailored Stay.com, We shop for the guest and place items in their vacation rental home before they arrive. We charge a stocking fee to the guest. There is no charge to owners. For a seamless arrival, grocery orders must be place 24 hours before arriving at the vacation rental. Packages orders must be placed at least 2 days prior to arrival and for custom packages please order in advance of 1 weeks.

What Do We Need To Work With Owners & Property Managers?

Just three things. We need your permission to access your unit before guests arrive, and we need to know the access method and normal window for cleaning time. We also request that you mention Tailored Stay in your confirmation message and any other cross-promotional marketing opportunities. That’s it!

How Far In Advance Do Guests Need To Order?

For groceries, we ask guests to order at least 24 hours in advance so we can prepare and schedule our Vacation Tailors to stock the unit.

For packages, please order 2 days in advance.

For custom set-ups, 1 weeks in advance. Contact us for more details.

What Shopping & Stocking Charges Do Guests Pay?

Shopping is FREE

Stocking Fees:

$45.00 for orders all orders. The minimum order amount must be $100

$10..00 additional alcohol convenience fee for orders containing alcohol

  • For example, a grocery order and an alcohol order will be treated as separate transactions and EACH has a stocking charge, even though they are being placed in the vacation unit at the same time. Fees go toward maintaining our Vacation Tailors, Delivery Costs like equiptment and gas.
Why Did I Get Charged Two Fees?

Grocery orders are charged a stocking fee of $45. Orders containing alcohol are charged a convenience fee of $10 depending on order size. The fees are stated seperatly on your email receipt. For more info see our terms and conditions.

How Does Tailored Stay Know Where Guests Are Staying When Guests Will Arrive?

If we have a partnership with the property manager or owner of the unit we can receive  top-level reservation information. If you have a change of arrival time or early arrival, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Why Does Tailored Stay Focus On Guest Arrival?

Simply put, because it maximizes convenience, surprise and delight for guests! It allows guests to begin to enjoy their stay experience immediately, freeing them from having to spend time in the lines in the grocery store. They can begin to enjoy their well-earned vacations the moment they step through the door! This is a win-win as it also translates to happier guests and better reviews for owners.

I Am A Guest: How Do I Request Your Services In A New Area?

You can email [email protected] or fill in the guest request form here.

I Am A Property Owner/Manager: How Do I Request Your Services In A New Area?

Please email us at [email protected] 

or fill in the form on https://tailoredstay.com/guests/.

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