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Experience Lake Geneva, WI

The experience of a lake vacation can be quite exhilarating or endlessly relaxing, depending on what you make of it. During the summertime, the shore-hugging streets of Lake Geneva fill with crowds gathering for events or strolling on the pier of the legendary Riviera Ballroom. Here, sparkling water cascades white washed docks and manicured lawns as mansions of a golden era loom beyond the shoreline.

A light quality of effervescence shimmers in the sunkissed ripples of the 5,400-acre lake. If you sit quietly enough you just might be able to make out the faint whispers of Lake Geneva’s glorious past. Prohibition gangsters and wealthy Chicago elite give way to ghost stories, summer retreats and adventures for the modern traveler that you won’t find in many places in the MidWest.

The city of Lake Geneva sprawls along the eastern shores of the beautiful spring-fed lake that it takes its name from. Located just 80 miles NorthWest of Chicago and 50 miles SouthWest of Milwaukee, Lake Geneva is easily accessible by car from Ohare and Mitchell International airports. Some venture here just for the day but if you’re of the mindset to fully unwind in Wisconsin’s elite natural beauty, a 3-7 day lakeside vacation may be just what you’re looking for.

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Where to Stay in Lake Geneva

Home to fantastic resorts and Bed & Breakfast’s like Grand Geneva, the Abbey and Seven Oaks, guests traveling to Lake Geneva can take their pick of price points and hotel amenities. For those looking to experience the area as a local though we recommend some great vacation rental homes either on or close to the lake.

The small towns of Williams Bay on the North side of the lake and Fontana on the West provide further options for more of an in the woods type of lake vacation. Rustic cabins and sprawling homes offer spectacular bird sightings and the hypnotizing sounds of boat motors purring a-top of glistening water.

Fontana is home to the famed Abbey Springs Yacht Club while Williams Bay boasts of local favorites like Harpoon Willie’s Tavern. The rustic settings on the far side of the lake are dotted with country craft stores, bait and tackle shops, walking paths and beaches.

Explore the History of the Lake
Vacation Like we Used To

Vacation Like we Used To

Summer Lake Vacations Summers in Wisconsin are magical. Just ask any kid who’s grown up here or any adult who vacationed on a lake in Wisconsin in their youth. After a long dormant winter, everything becomes alive. From the paper birch trees to the hearty red pines,...

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