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Give Your Guests the Gift of a Tailored Stay

Vacation home rental Property Owners and Managers, offer upscale amenities to your guests and
beat out the competition!

We Provide:

  • Groceries stocked in the unit BEFORE the guest arrives
  • Custom celebration setups
  • A full eCommerce solution where guests order & pay online

You Provide:

Did You Know?

  • That having a kitchen outranks wi-fi and air conditioning when it comes to reasons why people rent a home for their vacation?

The Number One Thing That Property Owners and Managers Would Like to Give Their Guests is :

      • Groceries pre-arrival

You Get
RESULTS, happier guests, great reviews and more repeat business and referrals!

The Best Part?

It’s FREE for you to use Tailored Stay services. All cost and placement fees are charged directly to the guest.

Stand out from the competition.

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Tailored Stay is expanding nationwide.

FAQ’s for Vacation Home Property Owners


  • Why does Tailored Stay focus on pre-arrival delivery?

Simply put, because it maximizes convenience, surprise and delight for guests. It allows guests to begin to enjoy their stay experience immediately and frees them from having to spend time at the store after arrival. This translates to happier guests and better reviews for owners.

  •  What do you need from owners and property managers?

Just three things. We need your permission to access your unit before guests arrive, and we need to know the access method and normal cleaning window time. We also request that you mention Tailored Stay in your confirmation message and any other informational e-mails to guests. That’s it.

  • How does Tailored Stay work?

Guests order packages, groceries, household and personal care items, and beverages through Tailored Stay.com, at least 48 hours in advance. We shop for the guest and place items in your unit before arrival. We charge guests a markup on groceries and a delivery fee. There is no charge to owners.

  • How do you know when guests will arrive?

We ask them as part of the order process. If you know of a change of arrival time or early arrival, please let us know by calling us at (888) 630-STAY (7829).

Tips for Owners

25 Ways TO Get Your Vacation Rental Unit To Stand Out

We interviewed dozens of property owners, scoured the boards like Community Airbnb and Quora, talked to hundreds of guests and this is what they all had to say.

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Includes things to do, emergency & parking tips and space for personalized messages for your guests.

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