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Tailored Stay is one of the few resources in the vacation home rental industry that serves as a crossroad for both property owners/managers and guests. By focusing on providing a seamless arrival experience we aim to both delight and surprise the guest while freeing the owner up from having to provide extras that they simply don’t have time or resources for.

While we believe it’s in the best interest of all parties for the guest to have as convenient and enjoyable stay as possible, we understand that means providing the little extras and comforts of home. We stock groceries pre-arrival and setup custom celebrations to help create the memories in the spaces that matter most to you.

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How to Get Your Vacation Rental To Stand Out in a Crowded Market

"Providing Food to Guests is as Ancient an Art as Hospitality Itself"

Did you Know?
  • Vacation rentals are expected to topple the hotel industry by the year 2020
  • 71% of travelers with children say access to cooking their own meals is a major reason they choose vacation rentals
  • 95% of visitors had their travel plans influenced by brochure information
  • 77.9% of homeowners admit that the only way they welcome guests to their property is with an email
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