Tailored Stay is responding to the current National Emergency. While we normally serve the vacation rental community, as a public service, we are offering grocery delivery services to the Taos area of New Mexico. 

Interim Services

In an effort to assist local communities, Tailored Stay has committed its experienced resources and professional network to make local deliveries for residents at reduced rates. 

Local residents may shop on our site and schedule touch-free placement of their orders within 24 hours in the Taos and Red River area. Seniors 60 and older qualify for a $20 off discount of our placement fee. 

There is NO minimum order amount.

Temporary Cancellation Policy

Reservations for stays at properties served by Tailored Stay with a placement date of March 30, 2020 or earlier will be eligible for a full refund without penalty. Tailored Stay is waiving the 72-hour notification period as well as associated re-stocking fees. Any orders that have already been filled by us and cannot be returned will be donated to local charities. 

Reservations with placement dates after March 30, 2020 are eligible for a full refund and no re-stocking fee if canceled within 24 hours of scheduled arrivals. 

Company Precautions

Tailored Stay employees are taking extreme measures to keep our customers safe. We are diligently performing extra sanitizing of our vehicles, residences, and workplaces, while regularly washing hands and maintaining “social distance” at every link in the process from the store to your door. Tailored Stay has been reassured that similar measures are being taken by our partner property managers and retailers to ensure their respective environments are as clean and as safe as possible. 

Email: [email protected] or text ORDER2020 to #313313 with questions.


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