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Open Yourself Up To Happy Inspirations Through Travel Adventures

Open Yourself Up To Happy Inspirations Through Travel Adventures

I’d like to think that when I’m old and look back at my life, it will be the little moments that mattered most. You know those moments like when you and your best friend laughed over spilled ice cream or when your breath caught over the beauty of a sunset. How about the time you received the genuine smile from the co-worker who was always grumpy just because you brought him a latte to say you understood?

I’d like to think that if those little moments could be strung together like a movie I wouldn’t feel the absence of all the unsubstantiated worrying I’ve done. That it wouldn’t be the big things that I anticipated that would even make the cut. No, it would be a series of those fleeting seconds in life when you were almost perfectly happy and everything seemed like it was exactly as it should be in that moment in time. Those, my friends, are what I call ‘butterfly moments’. They’re flittering and beautiful and oh so fragile. You can’t hold them or catch them, they always fly away leaving you just a little awed and sad. If you were to stop and contemplate it you might even realize that your childlike state of believing in magic fleetingly returned.

The reality is that no scheming or preparation on our part can create butterfly moments. The magic is that they always take us by surprise. How many times in your life have you been looking forward to something so much that when you experienced it, it failed to meet your expectations?

There is beauty in spontaneity no matter how bad our left brain wants to argue the point. Traveling with freedom, purposefully living in the moment, getting out of our comfort zone these things can all help set the stage for life’s most inspiring moments.

I once had a friend whose mantra was, “Do something today that scares you.” Richard Branson says, “If happiness is the goal- and it should be, then adventures should be a priority.’

I agree. I’m planning my next adventure. What’s yours?

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