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Locally Owned & Crafted

Snacks and Energy Bars

You Have A Right To Love What You Eat.

Focusing on a delightful experience means we never, ever use a filler or base formula that’s dependent on rice, soy, or over-processed sugars. Each of our bars takes years to perfect, and the result is a unique flavor, taste, and texture.

And speaking of texture, you deserve better. You should never walk away from a snack with a tired jaw or in need of a glass of milk to clean your mouth out. That’s also why we moved our process away from the industry standard of cold-extrusion, where ingredients are beaten to death then squeezed out of a tube into a lifeless lump. Instead, the Taos way includes carefully hand-mixing our ingredients, placing them on pan, baking them for just long enough, and then carefully cutting, packaging, storing, and shipping them.

By keeping natural ingredients intact, our customers receive more and better flavors. The process takes longer, but when it comes to something that goes in your body, it’s worth it.

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