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Turning Last Minute Vacation Arrival Stress into First Hours Relaxation

There is an old adage in sales that says that the last mile of delivery is often the hardest. We believe that this is also true when it comes to your vacation, specifically a vacation at an Airbnb, VRBO or other types of rental homes. While the anticipation of arrival may seem flawless online, the reality of navigating obscure directions, lock boxes and sourcing groceries and household essentials is often daunting after harried hours of travel. Throw kids or traffic into the mix and let’s face it, we’ve been there, the last thing you want to do is head out to a grocery store, procure diapers or tell the kids they have to wait to jump into the lake or pool.

With Tailored Stay, you no longer have to stress about what you’ll find at arrival or have to wait in another line. Groceries, welcome and celebration packages delivered before you arrive mean the tone of vacation is set, allowing you the ability to relax the moment you step through the door.

Looking forward to a relaxing glass of wine on the veranda when you arrive?

Arriving late and needing the convenience of breakfast items stocked for you and the kids?

It will be there.

Would you like the scene set for a special occasion? 
Balloons available for a Birthday?

Flowers and chocolates for your romantic weekend for two?

Our pleasure!

Tailored Stay Gives Back


Waves of Grace

Waves of Grace is a 501c3 non-profit that sponsors beach vacations for cancer patients and their families. In the last 5 years, they have raised over $300,000 through grassroots support and have gifted 60+ families on all-expense paid week at the beach. By providing a respite to connect and recharge, they offer patients a return to the fight -renewed. Donate, nominate a cancer patient or become a partner property today!


Destination Dino Liam

Destination Dino Liam is named for a brave 4-year-old who struggled with a rare form of cancer. In his legacy, the non-profit raises money for pediatric cancer, offering hope and support for many families throughout WI. The organization knows that making memories and spending time together is important so they sponsor all-expense paid weekend cabin getaways for childhood cancer families. Donate or attend a community event!

@DDliam on FaceBook

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