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Family Owned

Wild Leaven Bakery

Who We Are

Wild Leaven Bakery is a family-owned and operated business established in 2012 by Mr. Andre Kempton. We specialize in long fermentation artisanal sourdough bread and baked goods using organic, local grains and ingredients. We strive to source organic ingredients and support farmers and ranchers located in the Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado bioregion, while giving priority to heritage and heirloom grains.

Fermentation Process

Wild Leaven Bakery’s approach to baking is very simple, balanced and patient. We ferment our shaped loaves for 24 hours to achieve full flavor, long shelf life, and nutritional benefits. After 24 hours of a slow room temperature ferment, the sourdough cultures start eating a lot of the gluten, carbohydrates, and sugars, releasing beneficial byproducts and predigesting the bread so individuals’ gut microbes and body don’t become overworked and out of balance. Studies show that a 24-hour fermentation is needed to break down the anti-nutrients so we can absorb the nutrients in the grain. Anti-nutrients are compounds in the grain which inhibit the absorption of minerals in our bodies.

Our unique 24-hour fermentation process comes with numerous benefits including delicious full
sourdough flavors, lower glycemic index numbers, breakdown of anti-nutrients in grains like
phytic acid, breakdown of gluten and carbohydrates by microorganisms, longer shelf life, and an easier digestion. Our long-term goal is to use all local and heirloom grains in all our bread, fermenting for 24 hours, and to provide healthy and honest food to Northern New Mexico. Our bread is sold in multiple health food stores across Northern New Mexico.

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